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Steve Jobs Memorial Site Designed in Style of the Original Mac OS Interface

Click around like it's the '80s

A new startup called Rememberum, which gives people tools to create online memorials to their loved ones, has unveiled a promotional example for Steve Jobs—a site most notable for being…

Steve Jobs Plays FDR in Long-Lost '1944' Apple Video

Nine-minute spoof of classic '1984' spot

Amazingly, almost 30 years after it was made, a short film created by Apple as a spoof of its "1984" Super Bowl spot has finally surfaced. Called "1944," it's set…

Lee Clow: Steve Jobs Was the 'Most Amazing Person I Have Ever Known'

Creative director's memo to TBWA staff

Lee Clow of TBWA was one of Steve Jobs's close friends and most trusted advisers. They created Apple's legendary "1984" spot together, reunited for "Think different" in 1997, and remained…