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Starbucks' Pumpkin Spice Lattes Are Killing It on Instagram

Fall-themed posts boost 'likes' by 493%

Starbucks has become a bit of a case-study example for marketers when it comes to creating social buzz for its products, and in no season is that more evident than…

Is Pokemon Go Finally Making Augmented Reality Mainstream?

Brands like Porsche and State Farm are trying it out

Until Pokemon Go became a viral phenomenon by amassing more than 100 million downloads in a few weeks, augmented reality was confined to tech types and sci-fi fiends. However, thanks…

Starbucks' Off-Menu Rainbow-Colored Drinks Are Lighting Up Instagram

#Pinkdrink is leading the craze

Colorful, off-menu drinks at Starbucks have taken over Instagram. About a month ago, pictures of a beverage called a "pink drink" that's made with acai tea and coconut milk started…

Why Fast-Food and Snack-Food Brands Are Introducing Smaller Signature Offerings

Less is now more for McDonald’s, Oreo and others

As consumers cut sugar and salt from their diets, fast-food and snack-food brands are fighting for survival. And part of their survival strategy is to downsize, with many brands slashing…

8 Food Marketing Trends You Need to Know About Right Now

From culinary catwalks to whimsical wrappers

Called the Organic Valley Coffee Shop, this unique pop-up store opened in Manhattan a few weeks ago to lines a dozen deep. The caffeine-seeking crowd didn't know, but soon found…

How Treating Employees Well Boosts Brand Value

Chobani and Starbucks lead the way

This election season is putting issues like the fight for a higher minimum wage front and center, shining a light on how corporations treat their workers. And what's become clear…

Starbucks Turns Snapchat Selfies Into Playfully Fun Ads to Promote Its New Loyalty Program

Will it help ease recent backlash?

Starbucks pushes its loyalty program on Snapchat. Twitter: @SashaHalima Starbucks is the latest brand betting on Snapchat's 6-month-old Sponsored Lens ad format that overlays graphics on the app's ephemeral photos and videos.…

This Small French Cookie Brand Sweet Talked Its Way Into Starbucks Stores Across the U.S.

Michel et Augustin uses social video to hit baking's big time

Everybody in business dreams of getting that big break—an out-of-the-blue phone call from some corporate big shot who could make a company's future in a 10-minute meeting. Last June, French…

Changing Your Loyalty Program? Be Prepared for a Potentially Brutal Impact on Your Brand

Starbucks saw a 50% plunge in consumer perception

A lesson for brands thinking about overhauling their loyalty programs to save some money or boost sales: You could be doing more harm than good. The most recent brand to prove…

Twitter Makes Direct Messaging and Consumer Feedback Easier for Brands

Delta and Starbucks are on board

Airlines and retailers often tout Twitter's real-time, customer service capabilities, so they should be happy to learn that the social platform just made their jobs a little easier. Twitter today…