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This Art Director Used Spotify to Build an Audio Version of His Portfolio

How does his work sound to you?

Advertising creatives are always looking for fresh ways to package their portfolios, and one Swedish art director has turned music streaming service Spotify into the latest vehicle for promoting his…

Spotify Thanks Customer With Custom Playlist Featuring a Secret Message

Gesture looks and sounds just about perfect

Here's a customer-service story that will be music to your ears. Someone on the Spotify team created a custom playlist yesterday thanking user Jelena Woehr for some positive feedback she…

Agency Poster Changes the Song on Spotify When Struck With Flying Object

Adventures in office ambience

Readers who have to endure their co-workers' awful taste in music will rejoice upon seeing this "Change the Tune" poster, invented by London creative shop Agency Republic. Since the agency…

Can Traditional Radio and Pandora Live Together in Harmony?

Terrestrial broadcasters hope so

Terrestrial radio isn’t going anywhere, according, unsurprisingly, to terrestrial radio execs. Even with the explosion of digital streaming services like Spotify, Pandora, and MOG, representives from Clear Channel, Emmis Radio,…