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Can Marketers Stop Ad Blocking by Offering Free Mobile Data?

Aquto pitches brands on a consumer-friendly strategy

BARCELONA, Spain—Would free data be enough of an incentive for people to turn off their ad blockers? With all the chatter about what Apple's ad-blocking technology means for the fate of…

FCC to Wait and See on AT&T-Sponsored Data Plan

Chairman and commissioners unsure if plan violates net neutrality rules

Critics of AT&T’s sponsored data plan say it’s a clear violation of the Federal Communications Commission’s net neutrality rules, but the FCC isn’t so sure. Based on comments made at two…

AT&T Wireless Lets Content Providers Help Pay for Your Mobile Minutes

Developers cover cost of streaming, but will it favor the wealthy?

AT&T is launching a sponsored data program, allowing app developers and content makers to cover the costs of their services. Data is the lifeline of the mobile world, allowing users to…