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Here's a Buyer's Guide to Ad Targeting on 8 Social Platforms

The latest options from Facebook to Snapchat to Whisper

We are living in a social world, a reality not lost on marketers. Last week, eMarketer reported 88 percent of all U.S. firms have a presence on at least one…

How a 147-Year-Old Brand Is 'Resurrecting' Its Founder on Instagram

J.R. Watkins is ghosting door-to-door via social

J.R. Watkins, a 147-year-old packaged-goods marketer, has had its branded items on shelves nationwide for decades thanks to distribution deals with retail chains such as Walmart and Target. But many…

As Other GOP Candidates Join Vine, Donald Trump Ignores His Big Advantage on the App

He's been silent, despite 7.5 million views

Sometime after last night's Republican debate for the presidential nomination, Jeb Bush and John Kasich joined the mobile video app Vine. It's popular with young voters—and other candidates like Ben…

How Twitter Autoplay Ads Are Giving Goosebumps a Big Lift in Online Buzz

Interactive clips get results

Autoplay video advertising is becoming increasingly commonplace, though Twitter's offering to marketers is still only a couple months old.  Sony has been running Twitter autoplay ads for the fall release of…

This New App Filters Out Phoniness and Sends 4-Second Videos You Can't Review First

Creator makes the case for truer mobile social

Do consumers crave less-fake social media—with fewer filters and "likes" and more genuine back-and-forth? Casey Neistat, one of Adweek's Creative 100 picks, thinks so and has launched a reality-minded app…

Meerkat's Cameo Feature Could Unite Brands and Influencers in Exciting New Ways

Takes real-time video messaging a step further

Meerkat just made real-time video more interactive, unveiling a feature today called Cameo that lets users invite friends on the mobile app to take over their livestream. And it seems…

Will YouTube Viewers Click 'Shop' Instead of 'Skip' on Pre-Roll Ads?

Wayfair digital sales leap while testing new feature

Google wants to see if viewers will shop instead of skipping retailers' pre-roll ads on YouTube. The digital video giant today announced that its TrueView ad product will now come with…

Real-Time Perverts and Trolls Pose Challenges for Periscope Marketers

Chat feature makes it easy for jerks to pollute video streams

Brands like Red Bull and Mountain Dew began using Periscope immediately after the real-time mobile video streaming app was released on March 26. We've already addressed the possible legal pitfalls…

4 Ways Brands Are Already Using Twitter's Periscope App

Red Bull and Mountain Dew are among early adopters

One day after debuting as a competitor to red-hot streaming app Meerkat, Twitter-owned Periscope has already gotten the attention of brands, which are testing out what they can do with…

SnappyTV Powers Twitter's Video Strategy for Everything From March Madness to the President

7 clips that show how live TV gets online fast

If you see clips of buzzer-beaters from Turner Sports properties in your Twitter feed after the March Madness tips off tomorrow, you can thank SnappyTV for the excitement. Such moments…