Topic: Snacks

Twinkies Are Back! Now What?

As the 83-year-old snack returns to shelves, the road ahead may not be soft and spongy

When Hostess Twinkies return to store shelves next month, they’ll epitomize one of branding’s rarest feats: a return from the dead. But while the snack’s resurgence (courtesy of a $410…

Coke Runs First All-Digital Effort, Focusing on Teens and Mobile

Beverage giant debuts multi-year initiative

Coca-Cola has emerged from an extensive round of teen panels and believes it knows what those kids want from the brand—fun, "snackable" digital experiences that center on mobile consumption over…

Big Game Bon Appétit

Super Bowl Sunday grows a new appetite

Sure, the Super Bowl is the “big game” for football fans and advertisers. But it’s also increasingly a bursting gastronomic event for Americans, so much so that the USDA classifies…

Hula hoopla helps sell U.K. snacks

This "DJ" spot for Hula Hoops snacks reminds me of Bugles' ads from my childhood, but with much more tactile dexterity. Moving your pinky and forefinger independently like that is hard, so…