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Prudential Got Loved Ones to Stare at Each Other for 4 Emotional Minutes in This Ad

Disconnect to reconnect

Prudential Singapore is inviting people to reconnect in an emotional new spot. "Our relationships are becoming more and more disconnected," reads the opening on-screen copy. "Can simply looking at someone for…

Singapore Retailer Apologizes for Writing 'Rape Us Now' on Black Friday Site

Brand 'didn't mean it to be offensive'

It should be obvious that no brand should consider posting anything resembling a rape joke, but that's what Singapore-based fashion brand SuperGurl did—and, of course, has since apologized for. The brand's…

Ad of the Day: Ikea Products Boogie Down in Great Music Video for a Store Opening

BBH Asia Pacific scores again

Ikea is opening its second store in Malaysia, and the retailer's products physically can't contain their excitement. That's judging by this fun new music video that the brand just released, from…

5 Reasons a Job in Asia Will Propel Your Creative Career Forward

Gaining hugely marketable insights

As clients and agencies increasingly look overseas to Asia for growth opportunities, smaller and midsize outfits like kbs+ are setting up offices in China, Singapore and beyond, challenging larger agencies…

Airbnb Built a Giant 3-D Zoetrope for This Wild Ad Showing You a Different Side of Paris

Model making on a grand scale

This week's honors for most ambitious model making go to Airbnb and TBWA\Singapore for a truly insane contraption—a massive, handmade, 3-D zoetrope—built to film a simple anecdote about seeing more…

Lego Marks Singapore's 50th Anniversary by Asking Kids to Redesign the City

Imagining a better 2065

Leave it to a bunch of 6-year-olds to put urban planning into perspective. In honor of Singapore's 50 years of independence from U.K. rule, Lego and creative shop Iris created an…

Mcgarrybowen Expands Into Singapore

Invests in local shop for sixth office

Mcgarrybowen is expanding into Singapore by acquiring a 20 percent stake in Mangham Gaxiola, a three-year-old independent started by two top ex-Ogilvy execs in the region. The shop, which will be…

Mini Partners With a Towing Company to Give Test Drives to Stranded Motorists

Brilliantly mercenary ad from Singapore

Mini Cooper is out with an awesomely ruthless new ad, set in Singapore, that shows the automaker tricking people into test driving its product—by teaming up with a towing service…

Ikea Is Replying to Questions on Facebook With Comical, Pun-Filled Memes

The Shelf Guru is here to help

The viral success of Groupon's Banana Bunker post on Facebook appears to be rubbing off on other brands. See, for example, Ikea Singapore—which has started a whole new Facebook thread…

BBDO Insider Chris Thomas Is the Agency's New Head of the Americas

Region generates 45% of agency's global revenue

BBDO worldwide CEO Andrew Robertson describes his new CEO of the Americas as a "global citizen." Indeed, Chris Thomas has worked in the U.K. and most recently Asia, where he was…