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What Makes a Memorable Logo Design (or Redesign)?

Siegel+Gale study digs in

If you've ever wondered what makes a logo sticky, unforgettable even, you're not alone. Branding firm Siegel + Gale wanted to know too, but after finding little research providing any…

Why Tech Rebels Like Uber, Jet and Fitbit Are Embracing Traditional Advertising

Creative agencies are helping them go mainstream

Those who follow tech startups may have noticed a peculiar trend lately: traditional ads created by traditional agencies to promote some of Silicon Valley's favorite "unicorns." In May, wearables pioneer Fitbit…

Could Target's Move Away From Gender-Based Signs Kick-Start a Trend?

Yes, but not the one you think

Late last week Target announced it will phase out some gender-based signs in its stores, specifically in the toy and bedding aisles. Giving shoppers a more gender-neutral experience seems to be…