Topic: Sherwin-Williams

This Paintbrush Brand Covered Everything Within a Billboard-Size Space in Fun NYC Ad

Good on any surface

Deutsch did some fun out-of-home work recently for Purdy—the Sherwin-Williams professional painting supplies brand—showing the versatility and accuracy of its paintbrushes in action. The really eye-catching execution advertises Purdy's XL brushes,…

Now It's Sherwin-Williams' Turn for a Much-Needed New Logo, Right?

Or is the Earth-smothering icon actually brilliant?

Now that Google and Verizon have sparked global design debates by redesigning their logos, it makes sense to ask who should be next. I mean, other than Yahoo. Looking beyond the tech…

Deutsch Takes on Sherwin-Williams' Other Consumer Brands

Assignment includes Dutch Boy, Krylon, Thompson's WaterSeal

McKinney remains lead agency on the namesake Sherwin-Williams brand, but Deutsch will now handle the rest of the parent company's consumer brands. Deutsch's assignment encompasses the likes of Dutch Boy, Krylon,…

The Definition of Advertising Has Never Been More Unclear

Source of both opportunity and crisis

For most of the past 100 years, if a marketer said he needed a new advertising campaign, everybody knew what that meant. The machine turned on. The marketer called the…