Topic: Sen. Jim DeMint

Sen. Jim DeMint to Exit Senate

Would have been leading minority member on Commerce Committee

Sen. Jim DeMint (R-S.C.), one of the most conservative voices in Congress, said this morning that he is leaving in January to take a position as president of Heritage Foundation,…

FTC's Google Case Creates Strange Bedfellows In Congress

Dems and GOP warn FTC not to overstep authority

As the Federal Trade Commission moves closer to a decision about whether it will pull the trigger on its two antitrust investigations of Google, some Congressional leaders are coming to…

Barely a Peep From New FCC Commissioners at Senate Hearing

Lawmakers take up pet issues at FCC oversight hearing

The two new Federal Communications Commissioners, Ajit Pai (R) and Jessica Rosenworcel (D) had their coming out party Wednesday in an oversight hearing before the Senate Commerce Committee. It was…

GOP Targets Big Bird Again

Lawmakers argue funds are an 'enormous sum of money'

When it comes to defunding public broadcasting, the GOP is like a dog with a bone. Renewing the fight to take public broadcasting off the list of federal appropriations, Sen.…