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Sarah Silverman Breaks Up With an Overly Attached Coffee Cup for Orbit

Comic keeps it clean, but the cup's a bit dirty

Sarah Silverman breaks off her romance with a walking, talking coffee cup in EnergyBBDO's snappy new spots for Orbit Gum. As the comic pitches ideas to Hollywood producers ("My character can…

Q&A: Sarah Silverman on the Joys and Terrors of Politically Charged Advertising

'This couldn't be worse for my career'

Sarah Silverman is no stranger to controversy stemming from her politically charged PSAs. In her latest polarizing video, released last week, she bonds with Jesus Christ while they watch an…

When Sarah Silverman and Jesus Chat About Abortion, Who Could Possibly Be Offended?

Comic promotes 'V to Shining V' rally

If there's one thing that can finally bring America together on this whole abortion issue, it's definitely a blasphemous video of Sarah Silverman hanging out with her feminist bestie, Jesus…

Jash Fights the YouTube View Battle

Creators aim for quality, bemoan empty numbers

A few weeks ago, we took a look at Jash, the YouTube comedy network headlined by big name talent, including Sarah Silverman, Michael Cera, Reggie Watts and others. In our…

Jash Shows YouTube Is Not So Easy—Even for Big Comics [UPDATED]

Sarah Silverman, Reggie Watts struggle to find a loyal audience

Early last year, following the fallout from the YouTube-funded channels effort, many pointed to a new wave of celebrities attempting YouTube channels—including Ricky Gervais and Adam Carolla—as a sign that the…

Comedians in Cars Redefines Sony's Crackle

Show sees streams double versus last year

Crackle has always had something of an enigma. Founded as Grouper, a YouTube wannabe from the early 2000s, the site was acquired and rebranded as back in 2006. Since then,…

YouTube Vets Rule Comedy Week

FineBros, Ryan Higa, Lonely Island Score Big View Numbers

Last week YouTube hosted its first Comedy Week, an experimental programming stunt of sorts. And while it's hard to say if there were any smash hits, the platform proved to…

Arnold Schwarzenegger, Ryan Higa Win YouTube Comedy Week—Maybe

Sarah Silverman, Reggie Watts show late momentum

Did YouTube's Comedy Week, the company's attempt at a sweeps-like stunt aimed at exciting consumers and advertisers, work? It's hard to say. There weren't any runaway breakouts, at least according…

Sarah Silverman Rips Into Voter ID Laws in New Video

Comedian continues Election 2012 work

"Don't let these assholes steal your vote." That's one of the less foul-mouthed utterances Sarah Silverman makes in her latest election-themed appeal, as she targets the new voter-ID laws in…

Sarah Silverman Tempts Romney Backer With Sexual Favors (NSFW)

Sequel to 2008's award-winning 'Great Schlep'

Sarah Silverman's latest piece of political theater/activism finds her offering to engage in sex play with mega-rich casino kingpin and rabid right-winger Sheldon Adelson if he agrees to donate $100…