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Angry Birds Video Series Launching This Week on TVs, in Apps

Rovio has nabbed ads from Activision, Paramount, Sony, BlackBerry

For those considering Rovio to be simply that Finnish company behind the Angry Birds mobile games, stop that right now. Rovio has been positioning itself as an entertainment company on…

People Don't Use TV Apps, and Mobile Gaming Is Set to Implode

Bold rhetoric from top executives and analysts at CES

If you spent any time walking around the various small cities that the major electronics companies erected last week at CES, you probably noticed how confident their executives were that…

Angry Birds: Coming to a Stadium Near You

The crowd game will debut this weekend

So you’ve already conquered every level in the Angry Birds game, bought a few Angry Birds stuffed animals, have plans to see the Angry Birds movie, and can’t wait to…

Eyeing Asia, Angry Birds to Take Flight . . . for Real

Hard-core fans will try to kill pigs during Finnair trip

In an ambitious branding blitz, the popular mobile game Angry Birds has already flown from the digital world to the analog arena of board games, T-shirts, and toys. Now, Rovio,…

Fowl Play

How Angry Birds went from a cute game that saved a company to a bona fide brand

Early in 2009, programmers at Rovio Mobile Ltd. got together to brainstorm some new apps. The boutique studio located in Espoo, Finland, had already cranked out 51 games in its…