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McCann Came Up With a Haircut That Fights Cancer in This Remarkable Campaign

Why thousands of women are donating half of their hair

Depression can run high among women who lose their hair during cancer treatment. As one survivor says in the video below, "All of a sudden, you're not you. You have…

This Automaker Turned Its Owner's Manual Into a Beautiful Work of Prose, Poetry and Art

Getting mileage out of a forgotten bit of media

If your car manual were an entertaining work of fiction filled with pretty illustrations, you might be more inclined to read it. That, at least, is the hope behind a new…

KFC Offers Free Meals to Victims of Social Network Outages

Tinder down? Don't panic, there's still fried chicken

It says something about the world that reporters consider it news to mention when Facebook or Twitter are down for more than a few minutes. With this in mind, KFC…

A Ticket to This Music Festival in Transylvania Will Cost You Two Pints of Blood

Clever plasma payment plan

To sell tickets to its inaugural event, the Transylvania-based Untold Music Festival is working the Dracula angle. In partnership with Romania's National Blood Transfusion Institute, it has launched "Pay With…

Whole New Ad Campaign Devoted to Reminding People That Bucharest Is Not Budapest

Romanian candy bar gets patriotic again

Bucharest is many things. But one thing it is certainly not is Budapest. That's because Bucharest is the capital of Romania, and Budapest is the capital of neighboring Hungary. You…