Topic: Robots

Meet Pepper, the Robot Who's Coming to America as an In-Store Customer Service Rep

It's already hard at work in Japan

You know how exasperating it feels to call a company and get stuck in an automated voice program instead of being connected to a human being? Soon, you'll be able…

These Creepy Ads for Synthetic Humans Have Britain All Freaked Out

Channel 4's futuristic TV promos

People in Britain who had settled in for a nice viewing of Prometheus this weekend were distressed, to say the least, when a realistic 30-second spot aired—completely unexplained—that advertised synthetic…

This Demo Video of a New Robot Dog Is Creepy, Cool and Pretty Crazy

Meet Boston Dynamics' latest canine creation

Letter carriers should be afraid. Very afraid. Meet Spot, a 160-pound, four-legged, dog-like robot developed by Google-owned defense contractor Boston Dynamics. The mechanical mutt stars in the cool, hypnotic, kind of horrifying…

San Pellegrino App Lets You Control a Real-Time Robot on the Streets of Sicily

Facebook fans can spend 'Three Minutes in Italy'

So, San Pellegrino will let folks remotely control robots on the ground and in the air over Italy … but NOT for the purpose of Dalek-like mass destruction? Where's the…

Rory McIlroy Battles a Robot in Chipper Ad for Golf's European Tour

Who'll get taken to the cleaners?

This ad for golf's European Tour pits Northern Irish phenom Rory McIlroy against a wise-cracking golf-ball-hitting robot named Jeff in a contest to see who can chip the most balls…

Robots of the World Gather to Gaze Upon ... Something

Pop culture cameos abound in GE's 'Brilliant Machines' ad

Warning! Warning! The robot casts of Forbidden Planet, Lost in Space, Knight Rider and more have finally assembled in the same spot for "Robots on the Move," part of GE's…

Baxter the Robot Will Make Your Life Easier, Until You Have No Life

Rethink Robotics promo fails to reassure

Just in time for the Nostradamus Apocalypse, Rethink Robotics will ship a twin-clawed, $22,000 workaholic hunk of steel and circuitry called Baxter, which the Boston-based company says signals a breakthrough…

Honda's Roomba-Style Robot Cuts Your Grass for You

Say hello to Miimo, your new best friend

Finally, a Roomba for your lawn! The Honda Miimo is a robotic lawn mower—the first of its kind, actually—with a self-charging lithium-ion battery, a "continuous cutting system" that keeps the…

Disney Cloning Human Faces for Theme-Park Robot Guides

A stroll into the uncanny valley

We've long known that robots are out to subjugate humankind. They've found a potent ally in Disney, which likewise aspires to global domination. Of course, the company has already established…

Commune With the Eager, Friendly Robots at Google's Web Lab

Yearlong Chrome exhibit running on- and offline

The machines have won. Let us bow down to our Chrome overlords and anoint their WebSockets with precious oils! Lots of folks will enjoy Google's Web Lab, a free, yearlong…