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The #IAmARepublican Campaign Isn’t Exactly Going as Planned

Hashtag, meant to humanize, gets hijacked

The #IAmARepublican campaign was meant to show Americans that Republicans can be normal, reasonable people. However, it's become the latest case of snarktivism, as social media users hijack the hashtag…

Shutdown Continues to Trash Political Party Brands

GOP brand drops the most

The political sniping in Washington over the government shutdown continues to wreak havoc on both the Democratic and Republican party brands. As the shutdown entered its second week, the GOP, which…

Twitter Explodes Over Paul Ryan VP Announcement

Ryan's vp Twitter handle created Aug. 2, same day as similar Rubio and Pawlenty handles

Turns out searching Twitter handles may have been the best way to predict Mitt Romney's choice for vice president. While many in the media delved into Wikipedia for clues as to…

'Texas Trib' Ropes In Funds and Readers

Surpasses Evan Smith's expectations

When The Texas Tribune launched in November 2009 as a nonprofit online news organization, it had one mission: to provide comprehensive reporting on politics, public policy and state government—increasingly critical…

Watch Out, FCC: Greg Walden's Coming for You

Rep. holds sway over tech and communications

Rep. Greg Walden, R-Ore., should be at the top of every media and technology company's lobbying to-do list. As chairman of the House Subcommittee on Communications and Technology, Walden has…