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Did Google and Red Robin Just Make a Banner Ad That's Actually Cool?

Terminator fans may think so

Banner ads are pretty much the bane of every digital consumer's existence. So, it's no small measure that Red Robin just launched—through a partnership with Google—an interactive display campaign that could actually…

Vegetarians Have a Beef With Red Robin's Garden Burger Ad

What are you, a fickle teenager?

Back in January, Red Robin basked in the glow of good publicity after the manager of one of its North Carolina restaurants comped a pregnant patron $11.50 and added a…

How Red Robin Bought Priceless PR for $11.50

Secret recipe: 'MOM 2 BEE GOOD LUC'

It doesn't cost much for a brand to polish its image and generate lots of positive media attention. In fact, $11.50 will get you a ton of it. That's the…

Your brain can be taught to enjoy Red Robin

Red Robin CMO Susan Lintonsmith clearly aced Psych 101 in college. "We realized Red Robin's popular mnemonic—'Yummm'—could function as a modern-day Pavlovian bell which, when sounded, would cause…