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This Bicoastal Agency Teams With Franchises Across the Sports Spectrum

Rebel Ventures focuses on the digital game

Specs Who  CEO and founder Craig Howe and digital strategy vp Diana Klochkova Agency Rebel Ventures What Sports-focused digital strategy firm Where Los Angeles and New York With clients ranging from one of Europe's most storied soccer…

Here Are the Brands Whose Follower Counts Were Hit Hardest in Instagram's Spam Purge

Nike, Forever 21 and Ellen lose fake fans by the hundred thousand

The great Instagram purge of the past 24 hours hit Justin Bieber hardest—3.5 million lost followers—but some of social media's biggest brands felt the sting of loss, too. National Geographic, Nike, Adidas…

Yankees, Manchester City Team Up for MLS Launch

New NYC pro soccer club to debut in 2015

Two of the world’s most prominent sports franchises have joined forces to bring a new Major League Soccer club to New York. The New York Yankees and Manchester City Football Club…