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Famous Brand Logos Redesigned for the Zombie Apocalypse

Rotten project for Halloween

When the zombies take over, naturally they're going to have a lot of brand-identity work to do—swapping out healthy-looking corporate logos and replacing them with stinking, rotten, corpse-infested ones. In…

Quaker Oats Man Gets a Makeover to Look Healthier

Larry loses his double chin and gets a haircut

It's not just fashion models and aging actresses who are getting nipped and tucked these days. Even Larry the Quaker Oats guy is getting some touch-ups. Hornall Anderson, Quaker's brand-design…

Quaker Oats will have you going and going

I'd like to believe Quaker Oats CMO Annie Young-Scrivner when she tells Brandweek that the company's new campaign from Goodby, Silverstein & Partners is designed to communicate that the…