Topic: PSAs

This Massively Ambitious UN Campaign Aims to Be in Cinemas Around the World

Multi-channel push hopes to reach 7 billion people in 7 days

A commercial being billed as the first global cinema ad will star animated animals as U.N. delegates and Liam Neeson as the voice of God. The minute-long spot, created to generate…

Fred Armisen Directs A-Listers in World's Worst Casting Call for Absolut Elyx's Water PSA

Taylor Kitsch, Natasha Lyonne and more

The luxury vodka brand Absolut Elyx is bringing the most important ingredient in vodka (water) to those who need it most through a new campaign with nonprofit Water for People. For…

Ad of the Day: This Hypnotic, Looping PSA Goes From Eerie to Deadly in a Split Second

Martin Stirling's latest shocker for Irish International BBDO

Commercial directors have been bringing formidable formal techniques to PSAs lately. Freed from the constraints of regular brand advertising, they can use camera and editing tricks to build tension—and leave…

Two Ad Guys Want to Save the World With Stock PSAs, but at Least They Know They're Crazy

A charitable sabbatical

Are you unhinged enough to quit your advertising job for six months so you can create a campaign that you believe could solve all of humanity's problems? A couple of creatives…

Children Born on 9/11 Star in This Uplifting Campaign About the Power of Doing Good

Turning hate into hope

Transformation is the overriding theme of "Born On 9/11," Grey New York's integrated campaign for the nonprofit 9/11 Day organization—featuring PSAs that ask Americans to do at least one good…

How Bloodvertising Became One of Today's Most Visceral Trends

Designers are fleshing out PSA campaigns with macabre inks

We live in an increasingly virtual world. But some recent campaigns are getting almost uncomfortably corporeal. Earlier this year, BBDO Proximity Thailand broke a stop-smoking campaign for the Thai Health Promotion…

PSAs From MTV Show How Everyday Phrases Keep Bias in the Mainstream

Gender stigma is 'pervasive and insidious,' network says

The latest installment of MTV's "Look Different" anti-bias campaign looks a whole lot different than last month's showing, an over-the-top, multichannel satire about a Geek Squad-style team of uber-white corporate…

Ad of the Day: This Incredible Scouting Ad Shows How Lessons Can Last a Lifetime

A South African spot with a touching twist

Being a Scout isn't just about roasting marshmallows and hiking through the wilderness. It's also about learning life-saving skills that stick with you far beyond childhood. In a new ad from…

A Father Gets to Say the Goodbye He Couldn't in This Chilling Campaign About Heart Disease

Also includes a jarring 'Heart Attack Simulator'

This quietly terrifying multi-channel campaign from the British Heart Foundation strives to keep its audience off balance in more ways than one. Surprise is the key theme of the campaign, breaking…

Ad of the Day: Why This Woman Faced Her Fears and Bravely Undressed in a Busy Square

Experiment in self-acceptance

Stunts designed to impart a message about body image have been so commonplace that many of them fade into the background. But this one, from a group called the The…