Topic: Prostate Cancer

Father-Son Mustaches to Sprout in 'Movember'

The grow-a-'stache charity raises multigenerational awareness and funds for prostate cancer

Fathers, if your normally clean-shaven kid comes home this Thanksgiving sporting a Tom Selleck, don’t be alarmed. It’s for a good cause. Nov. 1 kicks off Movember, the monthlong charity drive…

'Prostate Czech' Ads Don't Exactly Ease Men's Anxiety

'Get checked before you get Czeched'

Meet Branko, a bald, burly, tracksuit-wearing, latex-lovin' Czech who hangs out in a dank, unhygienic warehouse and cackles insanely during his quest to explore men's rectums. His catchphrase: "Come here,…

Prostate cancer gets a proper street beating

TBWA\Chiat\Day goes the high-testosterone vigilante route in this pair of anti-prostate-cancer PSAs. The guy in the cancerous-mass suit looks like an alien from '70s Dr. Who or the grotesque but…