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This Bottle Cap Could Save Billions of Gallons of Water

VCU Brandcenter earns Student Isaac Award for Design

With California suffering its worst water shortage in perhaps 1,000 years, VCU Brandcenter students devised a novel plan to curtail waste from standard kitchen and bathroom taps and spread the…

Check Out the 26 Boldly Inventive Campaigns That Won This Year's Project Isaac Awards

Setting the bar for innovation in marketing, media and tech

In this era of constant change and innovation, to truly invent something is quite rare. But the drive to find new paths and opportunities across marketing, media and tech may…

The Inside Story of How McCann New York's 'Field Trip to Mars' Came Together

Winner of Project Isaac's top honor: the Gravity Award

It was at around 2 o'clock in the morning that Josh Grossberg landed on Mars. The group creative director of McCann New York couldn't sleep one night back in 2014. Lying…

3 Reasons Agencies Struggle to Truly Invent and What They Can Do to Change That

Lessons for the ad industry from corporate R&D

I'm an inventor and proud. Like a magician, an inventor makes something from nothing. Unlike a real estate developer limited by property or a hedge fund manager limited by market size,…

Samsung's Life-Saving Truck Screens Take Top Honors at Adweek's Isaac Awards

A project to prevent deaths on Argentina's narrow roads

Jumping behind the wheel in Argentina can sometimes be a dangerous experience. Because the country is striped with narrow two-lane roads, cars often pull into oncoming traffic hoping to overtake…

Here Are the Year's Most Inventive Marketing, Media and Digital Campaigns, Honored by Project Isaac

2015's class of genius creations

Approaching creative challenges with an inventive spirit has never been more important. The worlds of marketing and media are being rapidly reshaped by data and technology, but interactive innovation only…

Breakthrough Marketing Can Only Come From Invention-Based Craft

Adweek Project Isaac and Isaac+ Awards look for true firsts

"A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions." Ed Brojerdi Illustration: Alex Fine Oliver Wendell Holmes' words have never seemed as relevant to our…

Can Marketing and Media Be Leaders in Innovation? Join #AdweekChat With Industry Luminaries

Project Isaac winners and judges take to Twitter at 2 ET Today

Most days, marketing feels like a field drowning in trite tactics and rehashed ideas. Finding the truly innovative gems can be a challenge, which is why we at Adweek created…

Project Isaac: Celebrating the Media Winners

Trident develops a new show to sell gum and Doritos makes a giant chip at the Super Bowl

Adweek Project Isaac Awards were conceived to cast a celebratory light on invention across all of Adweek’s areas of coverage. Nominations were accepted across 35 categories, divided into four brackets:…

Introducing Isaac+

Our first student award

In an effort to expand Adweek Project Isaac’s search for great inventive spirit, we partnered with KBS+ to create a new category that would welcome submissions from students. So with…