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Top 10 Commercials of the Week: Jan. 11-18

Rory becomes Tiger, people become sushi, and William Shatner becomes Kaley Cuoco's dad

This week, Hertz fooled people with a hot new ski accessory, Axe compared the relative attractiveness of firemen and astronauts, and Samsung showed that its washing machine holds up to…

Facebook Makes Commenters Think Twice Before Dropping an F-Bomb

Friend accountability elevates virtual banter

Since Facebook’s rise to prominence, social commentators have spilled much ink on how the new mode of communication will affect the quality of our interactions, as quantity naturally increases. The…

'NYT' Site Up and Running After Error

Reporters used Twitter to redirect traffic

The New York Times site is running smoothly again after a 40-minute disruption last night. In the brief period, visitors to the site were met with a “page not found”…

Headlines From the Week in Media

Networks wrap up; Mars moves things around; Facebook buys Sofa

Top news from the week of June 6: ► GroupM adopts anti-piracy stance for digital buys; has list of some 2,000 offenders ► Upfront update: ABC, CBS, NBC, The CW all wrap…