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Popchips Looks to David&Goliath for Brand Reboot

Agency's first work could launch within a month

Popchips has selected independent shop David&Goliath to spearhead its brand reboot early next year. David&Goliath's challenge is to help the baked-not-fried snack brand reverse years of declining sales. To do so,…

Katy Perry Brings Popchips Back From the Brink in New Ads

Print work follows Kutcher debacle

Following a pretty disastrous campaign starring Ashton Kutcher, which was sunk by complaints of racism, Popchips is back with one of the more inoffensive endorsers around: Katy Perry. In four…

Ashton Kutcher Is Back on the Market in Popchips Campaign

Ads spoof dating-site videos

Demi Moore will not be terribly impressed by the new Popchips ad campaign, starring her ex, Ashton Kutcher, in which he looks for love in spoof dating-site videos. Kutcher plays…