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Alabama Governor's Sex Scandal Just Inspired a Beer With the Grabbiest Label Ever

Everything is (unim)peachy at Salty Nut Brewery

Alabama may be in a sour spotlight after its governor admitted making sexually charged remarks to a onetime senior adviser. But one brewery in the state is sweetening the situation…

When It Comes to Political Programmatic Advertising, the Creative Has to Be Emotionally Charged

Forming connections with voters makes the difference

Programmatic is the most important advertising advancement of the 2016 election cycle—but it's not solely because of the technology. Programmatic has enabled brand advertisers to effectively reach audiences in real time,…

Hillary Clinton Morphs Into Bernie Sanders in SNL's Latest Hilarious Fake Campaign Ad

What she's learned from his campaign

A week after excoriating Donald Trump with a fake campaign ad decrying his followers as racist, Saturday Night Live turned its attention to Hillary Clinton this weekend—knocking the Democratic front-runner…

SNL Blasts Donald Trump, and His Supporters, With Brutal 'Racists for Trump' Ad

But some are calling the NBC show hypocritical

Donald Trump might not be inclined to host Saturday Night Live again anytime soon. Four months, almost to the day, after his much-hyped hosting gig, the NBC comedy show this weekend…

The 2016 Election Just Got Even Weirder With a Racy Debate Between Trojan Condoms

Stuffed with innuendo

Happy Super Tuesday! This year's election got strange long ago, so surely you won't mind this latest oddity—a mock debate between various Trojan condom products spouting endless sexual innuendo. Even the…

Still Looking for a Presidential Candidate Who's Truly Likable? Meet Zoe

The Y's candidate of the future

The presidential race sure could use a dose of cute. And here she is.  Zoe is running for the nation's highest office. Or she might be—in 2064. And she is the…

This Ad Copywriter Is Raising Money to Run an Anti-Trump Attack Ad in New Hampshire

'The man is the epitome of bad advertising,' says Louis Wittig

Trump would date his daughter! Trump's son likes hunting! Trump says he could shoot a man and still win!  We're sick of seeing Trump in our Facebook feeds. Thankfully, we aren't alone: Louis Wittig,…

Infographic: Will Stay-at-Home Moms Determine America’s Next President?

Undecided Ohio voters like salty snacks and Bravo TV

Tonight, Republican presidential candidates will once again attempt to appeal to voters across the U.S. However, a few months from now, the campaigning will begin to focus on a smaller…

Brilliant SNL Skit Pitches a Drug That Cures Republicans Who Think They Can Be President

A different use for Abilify

The 2016 Republican presidential field and pharmaceutical marketing are both topics ripe for parody—and Saturday Night Live has obliged, skewering both at the same time in this faux ad for…

This Guy Just Made the Most Hilariously Insane Political Campaign Ad Ever

Starring a giant goose, a dragon and an alien

If crazy political ads are their own kind of art form, this one is something of a masterpiece. Wyatt Scott is an independent candidate for Canadian parliament. And taking his new…