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Let's Make This the Last Year That Digital Didn't Know How to Handle Election Ads

Despite $1 billion in online spending, it's still the Wild West

Political professionals will use the word "watershed" when they talk about 2016 for many reasons.  For those of us in digital advertising, 2016 is the year spending went from a…

Donald Trump's Lack of Ad Spending Is Leaving a Hole In Local Media's Pocket

Hillary Clinton and local races picked up some of the slack

The presidential debates provided plenty of free airtime.Gif: Dianna McDougall; Sources: CNN, Shutterstock The presidential election has been momentous and memorable: the first woman nominee of a major party, a businessman/reality…

Why You Likely Won't See Too Much Political Advertising During the Olympics

Unless you live in a swing state

With the torch about to be lit at the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, all eyes are on NBC. And with the TV-friendly time zone—Rio is only an…

Infographic: From Town Halls to Targeting, Political Advertising Has Come a Long Way

A look at the programmatic trail to the presidency

Long before the birth of Facebook Live town halls, there were town halls in real life. Before there were digital ads, there were plenty of those paper ones, minus all…

Bernie Sanders Is Targeting California Voters With Live Video Ads

Traction Labs uses his speech and Dave Matthews concert

On Monday, not long before Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton unofficially clinched her party's nomination for the generation election, U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders unofficially became the first presidential candidate to…

Zynga Is Now Offering Native Political Gaming Ads for Presidential Campaigns

Game maker and partner Rubicon Project have Beltway connections

Zynga is about to give political game theory a whole new meaning: The maker of FarmVille and Words With Friends is partnering with Rubicon Project to develop native programmatic ads…

What 5 Digital Video Players Are Planning for Their NewFronts Presentations in May

Business projected to approach $10 billion

Once anything but slick, digital video has emerged as a true rival to linear television and is the first choice for millions of consumers. That phenomenal growth has advertisers as…

Why National CineMedia Is Saying 'No' to All Political Advertising

Keeping movie theaters free from negativity

As the 2016 presidential election cycle comes around, ad dollars will soon be flying, with spending on TV ads predicted to reach more than $4 billion. But National CineMedia is walking away…

This Creepy Ad Brings an Old Political Tactic to Twitter After Iran Deal

And 'Death to America' drops from trending topics

The Iran nuclear deal is a top trend on Twitter today, and so was "Death to America," at least for a brief time this morning. The historic deal between longtime enemies…

Supreme Court Strikes Down Individual Campaign Contribution Limits

Decision likely to unleash more political ad dollars in midterm election

In a move that is sure to increase spending in the upcoming midterm election, the Supreme Court Wednesday struck down campaign contribution limits that capped individual contributions at $123,000. The court…