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'NOTW' Implicated for Hacking in Another Murdered Girl Case

New revelations put Rebekah Brooks in further jeopardy

The Guardian is reporting that police believe Glenn Mulcaire, the investigator once employed by the News of the World who's at the center of the News Corp. hacking scandal, targeted…

Michael Wolff: On Murdoch in London

At ground zero of the Murdochalypse, things are not looking good for Rupert and James

Michael Wolff in London

Blogger's Claim That CNN's Morgan Knew of Hacking Falls Short

Recording supposedly captured host discussing payment for hacker

The English blogger who has, for weeks, been accusing Piers Morgan of involvement in the ballooning U.K. hacking scandal, now says he is sitting on a recording in which Morgan…

News Corp. Legal Team in Turmoil

Recent departure of general counsel means added pressure

At a time when Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp. is facing the worst legal quagmire in its history, it finds itself with a legal team in turmoil. The company’s top lawyer,…

Monitoring Murdoch's Meltdown

Agency CEOs are watching the drama of the hacking scandal for hints of U.S. contagion

Many U.S.-based ad executives—the people with the true power to control Rupert Murdoch’s destiny through the billion dollar ad budgets that provide most of his companies’ revenue—still view the News…

The Murdoch Summer

"At the end of the day not much changes, unless there is a smoking gun in the U.S.," says a banker I know who deals with News Corporation, as well…

July 25 2011

Rebecca Black's 'Friday,' as Sung by Rebekah Brooks

This is sort of irresistible as well—a parody of Rebecca Black's "Friday," as sung by Rebekah Brooks. Quality-wise, it's hardly worse than the original. OK, perhaps it's an ever-so-slightly stinkier…

Senate Dems Ask News Corp. to Investigate Itself

Members of Congress still shying away from hacking scandal

Members of Congress are still making noise here and there about News Corp.'s phone hacking scandal, but they keep on asking others to take on the tough task of actually…

Could News Corp.'s Board Fire Rupert Murdoch?

Media titan's stock ownership would make rebellion difficult

Though they deny it, there are credible reports that at least some of the directors of News Corp. have grown fed up with Rupert Murdoch’s leadership during the ongoing phone-hacking…

Milly Dowler's Legacy: Child-Safety PSAs in the U.K.

Some people are hearing the name Milly Dowler for the first time today. She's the British schoolgirl who was murdered in 2002 at the age of 13, and whose phone…