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1973 Personals Ad Reminds You Trolling Was a Thing Even in 1973

Man misses girlfriend, or does he?

Ahh, the good old days, when men were men, women were women, the Internet didn't exist and one had to troll at a much slower pace. According to this personals ad…

Want to Hook Up, but Lost for Words? This App Will Write Your Craigslist Ad

If you don't mind sounding like a psychotic pervert

Craigslist personals haven't been the same since the spambots and professional escorts moved in, but now there's Collective Love, a service that can help us remember the site's glorious, incomprehensibly…

Sinéad O'Connor Seeks Sex Partner in Personal Ad

Singer wants a 'very sweet sex-starved man'

Knowing what gets posted on Craigslist, it's hard to believe Sinéad O'Connor went through a dry spell in the romance department. But she did, admitting in a recent column for…

Best Personal Ads From 'LA Times Magazine'

If you love the smell of self-loathing and desperation, but hate Axe Body Spray, check out BuzzFeed's list of the 50 funniest Los Angeles Times Magazine personal ads. It's almost…

Cannibal Who Placed Personal Ad Shot After 'Dinner' Backs Out

OK, look, if any cannibals out there are reading this, you guys need to stop with the personal ads. They never go where you want them to. The latest example…