Topic: Parody

A Navy Crew Recreated the Force Awakens Trailer on an Aircraft Carrier, and It's Most Impressive

USS Dwight D. Eisenhower brings us 'Sea Wars'

Using everything from state-of-the-art fighter jets to a charismatic mop bucket, the crew of the USS Dwight D. Eisenhower has pulled off quite an homage with its version of a…

72andSunny Wins Seventh Generation, Breaks Scathing Ad About Carefree Millennials

Try living for more than the moment, says Bobble

Here's a fun send-up of live-for-the-moment advertising aimed at millennials. 72andSunny just picked up the ad account of Seventh Generation, the environmentally minded cleaning, paper and personal care products company. And…

If You're Not Targeting Unborn Babies With Your Advertising, You've Already Lost

Taxi and BBDO can explain

If you're still obsessed with millennials, you've way behind the curve. Taxi Canada and BBDO Toronto both explain that you need to walk back to the very beginnings of life—newborns, fetuses,…

John St.'s Latest Merciless Satire Just Destroys the Dove Style of Marketing to Women

'If she's crying, she's buying'

The trend toward female empowerment ads—or so-called "femvertising"—has been largely celebrated both within and outside the ad industry, with brands like Dove and Always earning plaudits and prizes for their…

Desperate Male Creative Directors Defend Status Quo With The 97% Conference

Amusing parody of The 3% Conference

"Men influence just 20% of consumer spending yet 97% of advertising Creative Directors are dudes. Can we please just leave it that way?" That's the Twitter bio for The 97% Conference,…

There's a 'Marshmallows Only' Version of Lucky Charms, and Biz Markie Wrote a Song About It

Or at least wrote new lyrics to 'Just a Friend'

If you were wondering what Biz Markie is up to these days, here's your answer. The brilliantly out-of-tune rapper and Yo Gabba Gabba beat-boxer is putting his chops to work promoting…

SNL Adds Guns Into Life's Sweetest Moments, With an Assist From Amy Schumer

Highlighting the absurdity of the American debate

If you've got a gun, why wouldn't you want to bring it along for all those special occasions—like a first date, or having a baby? That, at least, is the…

Tony the Tiger Helps Out a Prostitute in What Looks Like an Elaborate Prank Campaign

It's not just for kids anymore

In what is surely an unauthorized prank campaign—and a brazenly offensive one at that—Kellogg's Frosted Flakes spokescat Tony the Tiger claims to have turned his attention to adults rather than…

Disney Characters Invade Star Wars in This Applause-Worthy Trailer Mashup

It works almost too well

While it's understandable to bemoan the Disney-fication of Star Wars, here's one time we're willing to let it slide. YouTube comedy creators PistolShrimps have made a stellar mashup of the trailer…

Brilliant SNL Skit Pitches a Drug That Cures Republicans Who Think They Can Be President

A different use for Abilify

The 2016 Republican presidential field and pharmaceutical marketing are both topics ripe for parody—and Saturday Night Live has obliged, skewering both at the same time in this faux ad for…