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Thor Björnsson's Great April Fools' Ad Wasn't at All What We Were Expecting

Game of Thrones strongman pitches HeavyBubbles in dumbbell bottles

I admit I was fooled. Sort of. When I saw Thor Björnsson (aka, the Mountain That Rides, aka the Strongest Man on Earth) selling his new sparkling water called HeavyBubbles in…

H&M's New Collection Celebrates the Many Looks of Mark Zuckerberg

Gray shirts for all in retailer's April Fools' gag

Mark Zuckerberg is known for having his own sense of style. And that style is very ... gray. It's something the tech wunderkind has even humblebragged about. So it makes…

SNL Blasts Donald Trump, and His Supporters, With Brutal 'Racists for Trump' Ad

But some are calling the NBC show hypocritical

Donald Trump might not be inclined to host Saturday Night Live again anytime soon. Four months, almost to the day, after his much-hyped hosting gig, the NBC comedy show this weekend…

SNL's Funny Super Bowl Skit for Totino's Suddenly Turned Into Something Way Creepier

'What's happening to my hungry guys?!'

During last night's pre-Super Bowl episode, Saturday Night Live again skewered big-game advertising. Vanessa Bayer reprised her bored-housewife role in a Totino's spoof. But this time, well, it wasn't just a…

This Video Takedown of Cola Marketing Will Make You Rethink That 'Ice-Cold Bottle of Candy'

Mmm, wet sugar with bubbles

Sure, we all know soda is far from healthy. But sometimes it's worth reminding ourselves how odd it is  that we frequently refresh our thirst with watered-down, bubbly syrup. In its…

A Ground Beef Company Just Made This Random but Pretty Hilarious 'Like a Girl' Parody

Feeling boxed in by your burger options?

P&G's Always scored a smash hit with "Like A Girl." Now, that women's empowerment campaign has a new parody—about the expectations society puts on hamburgers. Ground meat purveyor Schweid & Sons…

Patriots Fan Parody Blames Deflategate, Refs, Illuminati for Ending Super Bowl Run

NBC Sports spoof rubs salt in the AFC wound

It's been a rough couple of days for fans of the New England Patriots. The defending Super Bowl champions were denied a return trip to the Big Game with a heart-breaking…

10 Terribly Misguided Old Drug Ads Revised With Modern Medical Information

But are we really any safer today?

Imagine peppy 19th and early 20th century ads for over-the-counter drug products containing cocaine and heroin, rewritten with today's medical knowledge., a resource for addiction treatment, did just that,…

Hoverboards Are Explosive, but Not in a Good Way, in SNL's Fake Ad

Fun enough to light Grandpa on fire

Nostalgic 1990s aesthetics guide this SNL parody ad for hoverboards, which are more like those dorky Segway/unicycle hybrids you see tech guys riding sometimes instead of Marty McFly-style boards. Which…

The Story Behind 'Instagram Husband,' the Year's Most Out-of-Nowhere Viral Hit

'It felt universal, so I knew we had something'

A week ago, Jeff Houghton was a local late-night TV personality in Springfield, Missouri. Today he's a viral video star. What happened in between was "Instagram Husband," a low-budget but perfectly presented…