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Brands Can Now Buy Sponsored Replays and Skips on Pandora Based on Genre

Ebay tests format for Christmas campaign

Back in September, Pandora started selling a subscription service called Pandora Plus. As part of the new feature, the music streaming company also added a new advertising format to its…

BP's New Gas Pump Engages Customers With Music, a Photo Booth and Trivia

'Miles' has a voice, too

At a few BP locations starting today, people may actually enjoy filling up their tanks rather than simply tapping their toes in boredom. The petroleum retailer is rolling out an interactive gas…

Political Campaigns Need to Embrace Digital Media, If They Haven’t Already

Pandora exec points out it's not the 2000s anymore

Political ad spending is like a river, but many campaigns continue to falter by swimming against the current. This year's election cycle may prove to be the final time political campaigns…

Q&A: Deutsch's Kim Getty on Los Angeles' Growth, Creative Community and Earthquakes

And what it's like to work for apps

In recent years, a growing number of agencies have been establishing themselves in Los Angeles. But that's not the case for Deutsch, which planted the flag in 1995 and, as…

Pandora's Ad-Supported Model Will Begin Letting Brands Sponsor Playbacks and Skips

While offline listening will be available to subscribers

Pandora is making major changes to both its subscription-based and ad-supported streaming services, bringing new options such as offline listening, additional skips and offline playback. Today, the company announced it's rebranding…

5 Things Streaming Music Data Can Teach Marketers That Top 40 Radio Can't

Insights from Pandora's data journalist

Top 40 radio is notorious for spinning the same small list of tracks over and over and over and over again, rendering any tuned-in road trip of substance a literal…

Pandora Wants to Go Beyond Viewability and Test Audio-Based Ad Measurement

Inks deal with Moat to count display and video promos

Viewability, the measurement of how effectively digital ads are actually being seen by humans, has been a buzzy topic the past couple of years. But as more advertising moves to…

Pandora Streamed Serial 15.6 Million Times Through April

And 11.7 million included a plug for Esurance

Last year, Pandora scored an exclusive deal to stream WBEZ Chicago's hit podcast Serial with ad support from Esurance and Warner Bros. In December, episodes of Season 2 of the Sarah Koenig-hosted…

Pandora Is Overhauling Its Ads to Amp Up Native Video for Mobile Users

Lexus and Express will test campaigns this summer

Pandora is overhauling its ads to create a more dynamic experience for some 80 million monthly users—blending images and sound, and integrating native video into its mobile experience. The streaming-music service…

In the Earbud Era, Sonic Branding Is Marketing's Biggest Missed Opportunity

A Pandora vp looks at today's audio renaissance

Can you remember the last time you closed your eyes to hear a sound clearly? To ingest the soothing comfort of a babbling brook, to absorb the effortless harmony of…