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Infographic: a Historical and Data-Driven Look at Will Ferrell's Branding Genius

'Ferrellvertising' is a pretty big deal

Will Ferrell last week got his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, which was nicely timed to promote his hit movie Get Hard, where he co-stars with fellow comic…

Will Ferrell Smooches His Way Through Another Old Milwaukee Super Bowl Ad

Stand back, Bar Refaeli

Go Daddy's Super Bowl ad with Bar Refaeli and Jesse Heiman wasn't the only one to feature lots of disturbingly unlikely necking. Check out this Old Milwaukee ad with Will…

Top 10 Commercials of the Week: Oct. 19-26

Will Ferrell, George Clooney, PlayStation's all-stars, and Kmart's scary-good Halloween spot

This week, one lucky lady got George Clooney and buried treasure, Will Ferrell headed to Sweden to sell some Old Milwaukee (which isn't even sold there!), and train passengers got…

Will Ferrell Now Making Old Milwaukee Ads for Swedish TV

Wacky campaign goes global

Old Milwaukee's Will Ferrell campaign keeps getting weirder, and that's not a bad thing. After airing low-budget ads in Davenport, Iowa, Terre Haute, Ind., and Milwaukee itself last year, and…

Old Milwaukee Makes Funny Ads. Too Bad No One Can Find Them

Brand finally embraces YouTube, sort of

Old Milwaukee has the most random approach to putting its content online. The classic Will Ferrell spots from last year mostly appeared as amateur uploads (although an HD version of…

Jose Canseco Celebrates Not Cheating in Old Milwaukee Ads

New spots air in Kansas City for MLB All-Star Game

After airing a handful of great Will Ferrell ads in a few small cities last year (and one more during the Super Bowl in a single Nebraska town), it appears…

The Breast of Advertising

From Hooters to the cover of 'Time,' does the strategy sell or repel?

Sales were “crazy, crazy,” at Sal Ali’s grocery and news shop in Manhattan, where issues of Time magazine featuring a controversial cover on attachment parenting were selling off the rack.…

Will Ferrell on Old Milwaukee: 'I Just Love a Good, Crappy Beer'

The actor remains coy about his rogue TV spots

Will Ferrell has never really explained his hilariously random Old Milwaukee ads, which began airing in Davenport, Iowa, in December and culminated with a Super Bowl spot that ran only…

Old Milwaukee Airs Will Ferrell Super Bowl Ad in North Platte, Neb.

The most local of local buys

Will Ferrell's series of local Old Milwaukee ads—which were shot and aired only in Davenport, Iowa, Terre Haute, Ind., and Milwaukee—was one of the funnier and more peculiar campaigns of…