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Anti-Littering Campaign Uses DNA to Identify Litterbugs and Put Their Faces on Ads

Science to the rescue

Thinking of littering in Hong Kong? You could soon be a poster child for the problem. A remarkable campaign from Ogilvy & Mather takes DNA from trash on the ground and…

These Posh Videos Show You How to Pronounce Ogilvy & Mather 'Like a Lord'

Useful lessons for the Spanish

Do the Spanish have a tough time pronouncing "Ogilvy & Mather." Apparently so, judging from this comical video series from the agency's Spain operation—aimed at getting people to pronounce the…

Check Out the Amazing Welcome Kit This Ogilvy Office Gives Each New Hire

Project inspires other offices

It's a red box, but in some ways it's more like a red carpet. Ogilvy Cape Town has been giving a remarkable welcome box to employees over the past year. And…

Coca-Cola is Looking for Its Next Big Global Campaign

Asks roster agencies to pitch after 6 years of 'Happiness'

Coca-Cola might be looking to move away from "Open Happiness."  The brand has asked 10 roster agencies to pitch ideas for Coke's next global campaign: Wieden+Kennedy in Portland, Ore.; David; Dentsu;…

UPS Is About Way More Than Just Shipping Boxes in Its Heady New Global Push

Bring it your trickier business issues

UPS knows you've got problems, and it wants to help. The shipping service is repositioning itself as a business-to-business solution for companies with logistical considerations trickier than just picking up and…

Tiffany's Gorgeous New Ad Tells Many Love Stories but Asks Only One Question

Will you?

A gay couple appears in this Tiffany & Co. spot from Ogilvy & Mather featuring various duos on the brink—or in the process—of getting engaged. (A print ad from the…

Stars Trace Their Path to Success in Ogilvy's Grand New American Express Campaign

'The journey never stops'

American Express tells four heartfelt stories of celebrity struggle, and ultimate success, in these spots from Oglivy & Mather. The ads—featuring queen of soul Aretha Franklin, sitcom star Mindy Kaling,…

Ad of the Day: Dove's Latest Film Encourages Girls to Love Their Curls

Only 4 out of 10 curly haired girls think their hair is beautiful

Dove's newest film, from Ogilvy & Mather in Paris, continues the brand's messaging of real beauty and loving oneself, but to a new crowd—girls and women with curly hair. Dove Hair:…

The Boy Garbage Collector in This Thai Ad Will Sweep Up the Pieces of Your Shattered Heart

Not literally

If you've arrived at this ad without having seen Ogilvy's previous work for Thai Life Insurance, take a minute or two to get familiar—here and here. Oh, and grab some tissues…

Agency Pitches Christmas to a Focus Group, and Their Reaction Is Anything but Merry

Scrooges run amok

So, you hate focus groups. Understandable. They can make a mess of anything. In fact, they can even hate Christmas. Ogilvy & Mather in Paris put together this entertaining little (fake)…