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Abe Vigoda Did It All in Advertising, From a Live 1951 TV Spot to the 2010 Super Bowl

A look at the character actor's commercial cameos

Not many actors can boast a career spanning seven decades, but Abe Vigoda—who died Tuesday at age 94—was one of them. And his commercial career was just as long, beginning…

Terrie Hall, Star of the CDC's Anti-Smoking Ad Campaign, Dies at 53

'A public health hero'

Terrie Hall, who starred in Arnold's brutal national anti-smoking campaign for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, died this week in North Carolina. The image of Hall hiding the…

Georgia Man's Colorful Obituary Is Hilarious, Heartwarming and Surely Not All True

The late, great William Freddie McCullough

He was a lover of women—women like "Crazy Pam" and "Big Tittie Wanda." He "hated vegetables and hypocrites." He was "great at growing fruit trees, grilling chicken and ribs, popping…

Talia Castellano, the World's Most Inspiring CoverGirl, Dies of Cancer at 13

760,000 YouTube fans among those in mourning

Talia Castellano, the 13-year-old honorary CoverGirl who inspired and entertained hundreds of thousands with her fighting spirit and her YouTube makeup tutorials, died Tuesday at age 13. "It is with…

Debi Austin, Star of Infamous Anti-Smoking Ad, Is Dead at 62

1996 spot was one of a kind

Debi Austin, better known as the lady who smoked a cigarette through a tracheotomy hole in her neck in the infamous "Voicebox" anti-smoking ad, died Feb. 22 after a 20-year…

Etch A Sketch Honors Its Late Inventor With Lovely, Sad Tribute Ad

A salute to André Cassagnes

André Cassagnes, inventor of the Etch A Sketch, died Jan. 16 at the age of 86. Now, the brand's ad agency, Team Detroit, has crafted this tribute to the man.…

DDB Tribute Ad Honors Visionary McDonald's CEO Fred L. Turner

Turner died last week at age 80

McDonald's agency DDB Chicago ran this newspaper ad in The Wall Street Journal last week honoring Fred L. Turner, who died Jan. 7 at age 80. Turner joined McDonald's in…

Is It Worth It? Notes on Life and Career From a Late Adman

Linds Redding's short lesson in perspective

"So was it worth it? Well, of course not. It turns out it was just advertising. There was no higher calling. No ultimate prize." That's one conclusion drawn by Linds Redding…

Tony Scott's Final Commercial, for BBDO and Diet Mountain Dew

Director shot hundreds of ads through RSA Films

Tony Scott, who committed suicide on Sunday at age 68, directed hundreds of ads—many of them award winners—through RSA Films, his and brother Ridley's commercial production company. Here's his final…

Doritos Inventor Dies at 97, Will Be Buried With His Beloved Chips

Doesn't this sound like an ad?

Arch Clark West, the Mad Men-era marketing executive at Frito Co. whose quirky idea to sprinkle cheesy powder on corn chips led to Doritos, one of the world's great snacks,…