Topic: Nyquil

Check Out Tide's Extensive Vine Push for the Olympics

P&G brand seems dedicated to social video

Tide's focus on Vine doesn't seem like it's going to be cut down any time soon. Following up on its Halloween effort with Twitter's social videos, the Procter & Gamble brand…

Perspective: Pass the Vicks

The average Joe used to sell cough syrup. Today, it's the world's richest quarterback

Medical authorities tell us that somewhere around 1 billion Americans will catch a cold this year—no small part of why marketing authorities tell us that advertising over-the-counter cough remedies is…

Crazy Two-for-One Ad Parody: Carl's Jr. and Nyquil

Be careful what you eat, day or night

Some dude named Adam Ray made this twofer parody ad for both Carl's Jr. and Nyquil, in which a goofy homoerotic commercial for the former is revealed to be a…