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With Exclusive Nutella Partnership, Tim Hortons Looks to Boost Its Profile in the U.S.

Hazelnut spread is now featured in 3 new products

If the one thing missing from your morning routine has been Nutella-infused pastries—and you happen to live in the Tim Hortons footprint—then you're in luck. The Canada-based doughnut chain announced this…

3 Shops Chase Tic Tac's Creative Business

Merkley has handled the brand since 2004

Ferrero U.S.A. is in the late stages of a creative review of its Tic Tac brand, with three shops awaiting a selection, according to sources. The incumbent, Merkley + Partners in…

Nutella Thanks Its Biggest Fan, Founder of World Nutella Day, by Sending Her a Cease and Desist

That's nuts!

Most brand marketers can only dream of having a superfan who organizes a global holiday dedicated to their product. And then there's Nutella. The chocolate-hazelnut spread's parent company, Italy-based Ferrero…