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How Star Wars' 5 Biggest Brand Partners Activated Around Rogue One

From TV spots to packaging to sweepstakes

For the second time in as many years, a new Star Wars movie is hitting theaters. This time it's Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, which is striving for a…

Nissan Packed a Whole Impossibly Cool Office Into the Back of This Electric Van

So digital nomads can be even freer

If you're an environmentally conscious freelancer who loves to travel, rejoice! Nissan just crammed a personal office into the back of an electric van. There are all the basic necessities—chair, desk,…

Which Brands Are Winning on Social Media in Rio?

Charts from Sprinklr show which marketing teams are earning gold

For the Rio Olympics, Adweek and Sprinklr have teamed up to keep track of how brands are performing across major social media channels.  Following the results on platforms during the first…

TBWA Names New Global Creative Lead for Nissan United

Neil Dawson returns to head up Omnicom's multi-agency unit

TBWA has rehired Neil Dawson to serve as global executive creative director at Nissan United, the dedicated multi-agency unit that Omnicom launched in 2013 to serve the Japanese auto giant. Dawson…

Ad of the Day: Nissan Gets Props for Praising Chevy, Ford and Dodge in Lovely Truck Ad

Risky move pays off

When it comes to automotive advertising, sometimes it pays to toss out the driver's manual, ignore the rules of the road and veer off in an unexpected direction. Take Nissan, which…

What Marketers Need to Know About Cars as the Next Must-Have Mobile Devices

Self-driving rides are just around the bend

Drive-time DJs and radio ad-sales folk must be shuddering at the thought of a world in which the self-driving car is a reality. As if music streaming apps weren't bad…

Here Are 9 Eye-Opening Digital Marketing Stats From the Last Week

Did you know YouTube gamers are often Mom and Dad?

There was a great variety of digital marketing stats bubbling to the surface in the last week, and here are 9 that we found most compelling: 1. Ah, the power of…

Drones Are Flying High With Buzzy Brands Like Pizza Hut and Nike

Taking ads to a whole new level

Watching drones in action during commercial shoots tends to bring out the kid in Kevin Buth, creative director of ad agency Zambezi. "They sound like a huge swarm of bees, and…

As More Marketers 'Go Rainbow,' Is a Boom in LGBT Specialty Shops on the Horizon?

Same-sex marriage rulings have emboldened brands

Ogilvy & Mather's decision in June to launch a dedicated LGBT practice, Ogilvy Pride, signals that agencies and advertisers are stepping up efforts to more effectively reach a community whose…

Here’s How to Make Your Marketing War Room More Zeitgeist Than Zombie

Real-time efforts must be perpetual, not pop up

In the 2000s we built media labs. In the 2010s we've built "live rooms"—much heralded pop-up work spaces in which brands and agencies sift through the noise of real-time data. Shenan…