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Netflix Made an 8-Bit Infinite Runner Video Game Out of Its Most Popular Original Shows

With Stranger Things, and stranger still, Marco Polo

Looking for procrastination candy? Netflix has launched the Flix Arcade, an 8-bit infinite runner game that's about as simple and uncomplicated as your fond memories of the '80s. Created by The Glitch…

Here's More About Drew Barrymore's Bloody Good Netflix Ad From the Golden Globes

Something's not right about this Santa Clarita Diet

For fans who didn't know that A-list movie star Drew Barrymore is shilling for a Weight Watchers-like program, surprise! And for those who didn't know she's playing a cannibal in…

Netflix Drops Some Cryptic Messaging for Friday's Debut of The OA

Had any near-death experiences lately?

Have you seen death? Have you seen darkness? Have you seen the light? Those are just a few of the cryptic questions Netflix dropped on Twitter this past Monday, before sharing what…

Netflix Made Its Own Mr. Bear That Turns On Fuller House Season 2 When You Hug It

Deeplocal pairs connected stuffed animals

Netflix has teamed up with Pittsburgh-based digital agency Deeplocal again to create an open source connected device for the holiday season. No, it's not another pair of socks. Timed to the…

Netflix Made a Gilmore Girls 'Binge Candle' That Smells Different as You Burn Through Each Episode

Smell-O-Vision is almost real!

You can binge watch or binge read. And now you can even binge smell! Check out the Binge Candle, created by Netflix (with help from TBWA\Chiat\Day) to help promote the Gilmore…

Netflix's Clever YouTube Prerolls Use Your Searches to Cue Up Specific Scenes From 'Friends'

Ogilvy Paris tags thousands of top videos

How do you make a sitcom like Friends, which went off the air 12 years ago—a year before YouTube even existed—seem relevant to YouTube users today? If you're Netflix, which recently…

Netflix's Daredevil Characters Physically Damage Each Other's Billboards in Hashtag Fight

DDB Canada's installation in Toronto

Duelling billboards are a time-honored advertising tradition, going back to Newcastle/Stella Artois and Audi/BMW. Now, Netflix introduces a novel twist on the genre—billboards on which characters from a show battle…

Diabolical House of Cards Ads in D.C. Metro Reference a Crime Committed There on the Show

Underwood is 'a push in the right direction'

New ads for House of Cards reference a now-infamous scene early in Season 2 where—spoiler alert—Frank Underwood pushes a certain aquaintance in front of a D.C. Metro train. Meant to…

Netflix and Chill? Here's How the Streaming Site Really Influences Dating

Based on a survey of 1,000 millennials

To the public, "Netflix and chill" is just a euphemism for casual sex—or any unspoken intentions thereof—conceived in residual Puritanical shame. For Netflix, though, it's the best kind of product…

Feel the Urge to Netflix and Chill? Have We Got the Airbnb Listing for You!

Bringing the meme to life

It's no igloo, but finally there's an Airbnb apartment specifically made to Netflix and chill. Available in New York for a paltry $400 a night (almost the same price as a Sofitel…