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Ad of the Day: Australia Just Made the Most Diverse Ad Ever … to Sell Lamb

Starring indigenous people, a transgender comic, two gay dads and more

Diversity has been an explicit theme of more progressive advertising for some time. But this ad takes it to a new level—featuring a parade of Australians from different religions and…

This Insane Ad About Australian Grilled Lamb Is Sparking Controversy Down Under

Rescue spot goes awry

An apparently lighthearted ad celebrating Australia Day is drawing fire in that country for being culturally insensitive.  In the commercial for farming group Meat and Livestock Australia, the country executes "Operation…

Auto Tests (and the People Who Run Them) Get Downright Weird in These Australian Ads

A man in a kangaroo suit sizes up headlights

CarAdvice prides itself on its highly detailed car reviews. And in a new series of ads, its headquarters is portrayed as a mix of Consumer Reports and Aperture Science, where…

Airbnb Posts Its Strangest Listing Yet, Inviting You to Spend the Night at Ikea

Fun co-branding from Australia

I love the smell of Hemnes in the morning. Some lucky Australians will soon wake up in an Ikea store in New South Wales after spending a night there as part…

Ad of the Day: Chatty, Indignant Child Delivers the Speech of His Life for Ikea

Are you getting all this?

When you watch an Ikea ad, you can generally expect one of two groups to be the target: One, style-conscious twenty-somethings looking to furnish their cramped apartment on a dime;…

Ad of the Day: Ikea

Bloodthirsty hordes make war on boring interiors in Australian 'Braveheart' parody

They may take your life, but they'll never take your Framstå. Sydney ad agency The Monkeys—known as Three Drunk Monkeys before a sobering name change this month—has launched this epic, Braveheart-esque…