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Global Activism Group Launches Design Contest for Climate March Ad Campaign

Winner gets $10,000 and a month of NYC subway exposure

Global activism group Avaaz has launched a design contest to find the artwork that will be used to promote an upcoming climate change march in New York. The People’s Climate March,…

How Selling Out Can Help or Hurt Your Band

12 case studies of cashing in, blowing up and facing the music

Musicians have always struggled with whether licensing their music or becoming a spokesperson for a brand will affect the relationship they have with their fans. Some artists have been able…

This Demo of a Real-Life Hoverboard Is Incredible to Watch, Even If It's Fake

Tony Hawk leads an all-star promo

Fake product demos are getting harder to spot, what with reality-bending products like NeverWet and Oakley's hovercraft golf cart. Here is the latest video in that vein—a hypnotizing four-minute demo…