Topic: The Mobile Issue

Portfolio: A City Connected

Renowned New York artist captures today's mobile scene

Who better to capture a day in the mobile life of New York than one of the city’s most individual observers? Best known for his 2009 cover of The New…

Verizon to Duke It Out With Hulu, Netflix, Amazon, HBO GO

Partners with Redbox parent Coinstar

The rapidly growing licensed video market has a new player. Verizon, partnering with Redbox parent company Coinstar (yes, of change-jar-disposal fame), joins Hulu, Netflix, Amazon and HBO GO in a…

Jason Spero: Mobile Evangelist

Google's head of sales and strategy on why businesses' mobile websites are behind the curve

Google’s mobile ad business is going gangbusters. In 2011, the company’s share of U.S. mobile ad revenue was 51.7 percent or $750 million, according to eMarketer. It leads mobile display…

Hearst to Link Digital Editions With Amazon

As publisher tightens pact with e-tailer, the trick will be to maintain its editorial independence

Is it a magazine—or catalog? Magazines have been increasingly blurring the line between editorial and commerce, lending their names to products and shopping sites. Now, computer tablets and e-readers are making…

First Mover: JB Perrette

Discovery's chief digital officer talks about the challenges of 'TV Everywhere'

To be honest, I sort of expected you to sound like Pepé le Pew when you first opened your mouth. [Laughs] Actually, I was born and raised here in New…

Watching the Electeds

As digital privacy continues to roil D.C., the mobile ad industry is rushing controls into place before lawmakers act

As the mobile advertising industry begins to capture more share of the marketing mix, it is also working aggressively to put in place privacy policies and guidelines to keep Washington…

Acting Up Franken and Markey Move on Consumer Protection

Congressmen question mobile tracking

The Location Privacy Protection Act of 2011 was introduced by Sen. Al Franken (D-Minn.) last June, a month after Franken held a mobile privacy hearing where executives from Google and…

Do Mobile Ads Still Suck?

Creative has come a long way—and despite some new innovations, it still has a long way to go

Steve Jobs was fond of hyperbole. But two years ago, when he declared that “mobile ads suck,” the industry didn’t exactly come back with a flood of counterarguments. How far have…

Apps Go High Tech for Fashion Week

With interactive maps and real-time synching, apps are bringing insider-only events to the masses

As any Fashion Week attendee worth her weight in Chanel can tell you, nothing is more essential for a successful round of shows than a well-equipped iPhone. (Apart from an…

Phone Charger Keeps the Bar Tab Running

New York phone charging stations set to go global?

You’re out drinking, texting furiously and your smartphone dies. Panic? No! Cue the Juicebox—the pay-per-charge station coming soon to a watering hole near you. The product’s launch is still in its…