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Obama Ad Ruffles Big Bird's Feathers

Sesame Workshop says it's nonpartisan

Big Bird may have gone to Congress to push the government to preserve public broadcasting budgets, but that doesn't mean the Sesame Street character likes to be in the thick…

Infographic: 24 Hours After Debate, Romney Sees Social Boost

Republican challenger saw biggest spike on Facebook

By this time in the campaign, most everything that can be said about social media's impact on the 2012 presidential election has been said, written, reblogged and, of course, tweeted.…

ABC Wins Hump Day Comedy Showdown

Network earns some chuckles in a night dominated by presidential debate

Viewers didn’t exactly roll out the welcome wagon for ABC’s The Neighbors, as the absurdist aliens-among-us comedy was given the cold shoulder in its time-period premiere. After getting a huge rocket…

Here's the Only Part of the Debate Obama Won

Across the University of Denver campus, volunteers help president win the on-site branding war

On the University of Denver's main quad, amid a sea of food trucks, fleets of motorcycle cops, and indie concert acts, it looked more like a music festival than the…

Jim Henson Co.'s Schube: Romney 'Looks Stupid'

Backlash to candidate's Big Bird remark continues

Don’t mess with Big Bird. As if the Twittersphere backlash to Mitt Romney’s presidential debate promise to cut federal funding to PBS—and by extension, Sesame Street—were not enough, Peter Schube, president…

Infographic: Presidential Digital Duel

Obama takes the lead online

Both President Obama and GOP challenger Mitt Romney have poured plenty of money into Internet campaigns to lure voters and raise cash, but Obama's may have the edge in the…

Clint Rocks Mitt as Democrats Dominate YouTube Convention Wars

Pew study helps illustrate a tough month for Romney

If you're looking for more proof as to just how bad this month has been for the Romney campaign and its message machine, some newly released data points to a…

Top 10 Commercials of the Week: Sept. 21-28

Bacon goes meatless, Apple returns to its roots, and Derrick Rose is on the comeback trail

This week, we got political with Sarah Silverman and boy band Wrong Direction, discovered that our systemic laziness is going to make our children die early, and rooted for an…

Fast Chat: Can Nate Silver Predict the Election Again?

'New York Times' stat guru talks info diet, picking a winner in 2012 and fantasy sports

Whether it’s baseball stats or political polling results, Nate Silver has made a living sifting through scores of data and making predictions, most of which seem to come true (Silver…