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Twitter Killed All of These Second-Screen Apps

Some have evolved, others are dying a prolonged death

Look at your smartphone. Scroll way down in the apps. See those five social TV apps you never use, or maybe the one you do use and the four you…

Miso Takes Social TV Beyond Check-Ins

Startup unveils 'SideShows'

If you've ever watched a TV show and reached to look up something on your smartphone, social TV startup Miso is unveiling what may be the most seamless way to…

Social TV Startup Miso Raises Funding

Sun co-founder leads new round

Social TV websites and apps may still be in their early, experimental phase, but they're already drawing decent-sized venture rounds. Miso, a startup that already had the backing of Google…

Social TV Plugs In to DirecTV

Startup Miso integrates with the set-top box

Social TV startup Miso wants to know what you're watching—and it may have found the perfect way to find out, through a just-announced partnership with DirecTV. The Google Ventures-backed company demonstrated…

Startups Look for the Future of Social TV

Do acquisitions show maturity—or confusion?

With venture capital and investment dollars flowing in, social TV has become one of the hottest startup categories. Now consolidation may be under way. Social TV startup Philo was just acquired…