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Ad of the Day: Mini Brings Its 'Defy Labels' Campaign to the Olympics in Style

U.S. athletes star in BSSP's appeal to independent thinkers

Rejecting derogatory labels and refusing to let other people's prejudice hobble your success is the theme of BMW Mini's Olympics push from Butler, Shine, Stern & Partners. Expanding on the auto…

Mini Partners With a Towing Company to Give Test Drives to Stranded Motorists

Brilliantly mercenary ad from Singapore

Mini Cooper is out with an awesomely ruthless new ad, set in Singapore, that shows the automaker tricking people into test driving its product—by teaming up with a towing service…

Ad of the Day: Mini Packs a Load of Horror Into a Roomy Countryman for Halloween

Who's the scariest of them all?

Is there anything scarier than rampaging zombie pageant girls? I submit to you that there is, and it's highway driving in a Mini. Still, this spot manages to point up one…

Mini Flashes Personalized Billboard Messages at Drivers of Its Vehicles

How are you today?

I sometimes think billboards are watching, beaming out messages meant just for me. Then I get back on my meds, and everything seems fine. Anyway, BMW's Mini, as part of…

Mini Shows Off Some Grille in Illicit Tweet Making Fun of Anthony Weiner

Auto erotica

Not many brands have embraced the Anthony Weiner debacle as inspiration for ads. Spirit Airlines did it in its own traditional sleazy fashion. And now Mini has come out with…

Mini's Adorable Tiny Camping Caravan May Be the Coolest Vehicle Never Made

Three new outdoorsy concepts

Mini is making the most of the summer season by introducing three incredible concept cars specially designed for campers—though you can't buy any of them (yet). And if they seem…

Ad of the Day: Mini

Automaker roots for the little guys who dream big in BSSP's latest spot

Mini's name—and signature characteristic—is an asset or a fault, depending on who you ask. Great for city parking. Not great for hauling lumber. Tiny and cute. Not towering and impressive. Now,…

Taxi Auctions Off Its 2008 Mini Coupe After Losing Account

Agency takes high road, with proceeds going to charity

After 10 years together, Taxi in Toronto and BMW Mini have parted after the agency declined to participate in a review for the Canadian account, eventually won by Anomaly. Remember…

The Spot: A Mini Masterpiece

An epic two-minute cinema ad springs from six words written by a fan of the auto brand

GENESIS: Mini's whole marketing goal is to get butts in seats for test drives, since people who drive one tend to buy one. As part of the Mini Coupe launch,…