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BuzzFeed's Michael Hastings Dead at 33

Journalist, also a contributing editor for Rolling Stone, killed in car crash

Michael Hastings, a reporter for BuzzFeed and Rolling Stone contributing editor, died earlier today at the age of 33, the social news site has announced. BuzzFeed and Rolling Stone reported that Hastings…

Fast Chat: Michael Hastings Can't Quit the Campaign Trail

BuzzFeed and Rolling Stone reporter on Obama, Reddit, and winning elections

If the first draft of political history was written on Twitter during the 2012 presidential election, Michael Hastings wasn't far behind with his attempt at the second. Wasting no time…

Publisher Drops Michael Hastings' Afghanistan Book

Agent Andrew Wylie is shopping it to other houses

Publishing house Little, Brown has dropped Michael Hastings’ book on Afghanistan, reports the New York Post’s Keith Kelly. Titled The Operators, the book was to have been based on Hastings’…