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How Cannes Still Inspires and Surprises, and Why It Still Really Matters

You just have to know where to look

When I used to buy agencies, I discovered something that the consultants already knew. All agencies say the same thing. You can pretty much predict the exact words—media-neutral, idea-driven, brand…

Fast Company Declares Upworthy Fastest Growing Media Site of All Time

Focuses on making emotional content go viral

Upworthy, the social sharing site for emotionally resonant videos and links, is the "fastest growing media site of all time," according to Fast Company. Upworthy, which plucks content from social media…

Media Companies Make an About-Face on Netflix

'If you can't beat 'em, join 'em'

Media firms, which have long considered a Netflix a major threat in the war against cord cutting, are singing a different tune—publicly, at least. CBS Chief Executive Les Moonves, who said…