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Lauren Bacall Loved Her Coffee [Video]

The late sultry starlet also pitched decaf for decades

On Tuesday night, American film and stage actress Lauren Bacall died at the age 89. The last surviving starlet of the Hollywood studio system, Bacall was known for her many…

Taxi Lands Maxwell House After Wieden + Kennedy

W+K had handled the brand for less than a year

Kraft has found a home for Maxwell House at another roster shop: Taxi in New York.  "We looked at our roster and Taxi's body of work, including success with our coffee…

Maxwell House Drops Wieden + Kennedy in Portland

Agency lays off 30 staffers

Kraft has shifted creative responsibilities on its Maxwell House brand, after less than a year at Wieden + Kennedy. The loss contributed to the agency's decision to layoff some 30 staffers…

Ad of the Day: Maxwell House Says Its Coffee Is Good, Not Great, and Means It

W+K takes aim at hype

In an age where you can find a Starbucks on every block and a trendy café frequented by coffee snobs who wouldn't be caught dead in a Starbucks on every…

Maxwell House Turns Up Its Nose at the French Press

Mcgarrybowen takes down the snooty

Kraft Foods' brand portfolio is so wide that it can have its Johan and its Ted, too. Johan is the ultra-suave Swede in Taxi's new campaign for Gevalia premium coffee.…