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Man 'Cleans His Lenses' in Public in Marc Jacobs Ad

No, really, that's what he does

Dude, cut that out. Right now. It's unseemly, wrong and so very public. And as any purveyor of fine eyewear will tell you, wiping your sunglasses on your shirt is…

Rich Will Wanket fired over masturbation ad

By now, you've heard of Rich Will Wanket (his real name!), the real-estate agent in Minneapolis who created the ad above, playing off his name's masturbatory connotations. We wrote…

Rich Wanket isn't jerking around in realty ad

This realtor ad from Rich Will Wanket (his real name—you can check his birth certificate) looks pretty old. But it's unlikely it's been surpassed in the intervening years by…