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This 50-Year-Old Campaign Ad Has Suddenly Gone Viral as the Perfect Pitch Against Trump

'Confessions of a Republican' resurrected from 1964

A Republican Party divided. A high-profile candidate known for his extreme statements and hawkish saber-rattling. Sound familiar?  That was the case in 1964 with ultra-conservative GOP candidate Barry Goldwater, just as…

Presidential Candidates Have Spent Less Than 1% of the $5.5 Billion They're Expected to Rack Up

But spending already 3 times higher than last election

The 2016 race to the White House might seem like it's already zooming full speed ahead, but in terms of dollar signs, it's only just begun. Speaking at Advertising Week, FiveThirtyEight…

The 5 Strangest Things the 2016 Presidential Candidates Are Selling Online

Who wouldn't want a $1,000 Constitution?

The 2016 election may be more than a year away, but things are already getting weird. One of the first places the strangeness is showing is in candidates' campaign stores, so…

Name the Event, and Some Marketer Will Be Ready to Exploit Social Media

Marketing takes a big leap thanks to Oreo’s genius blackout Twitter ad

During the Oscars this Sunday night, nimbly crafted ads highlighting both golden moments and gaffes will stream into Twitter and Facebook feeds. And don’t be surprised next month if new-Pope-themed…