Topic: Mad Woman

Celebs Who Make You Buy Things [Video]

Mad Woman Lauren Reeves on the stars of the silver-tongued sales pitch

Hi again, If I know anything, it's that people love three things: 1) money 2) fame 3) counting Celebrities have been doing ads since the beginning of time, even before they were famous, and why…

Love for Sale [Video]

Mad Woman Lauren Reeves reveals the best credit cards to max out on Black Friday

Hello! If you love getting trampled to death on Black Friday as much as I do, then you need to watch my newest video. Credit cards are a Black Friday necessity,…

Old Men, Hard Sell [Video]

When did old men get so attractive (to advertisers at least)?

Hello again, I used to be scared of growing old, but now I'm confident I will be dead before that happens. But some old people make the best of it, like…

What You See Isn't What You Get [Video]

Mad Woman Lauren Reeves loves a good optical illusion

Hey guys, It's me again, Lauren. I've noticed some advertisements recently are trying to play mind games with me. It's like please, I invented the mind f-ck, just ask my ex-boyfriends.…

The Joy of Pranking [Video]

Mad Woman Lauren Reeves loves to see people scared to death in ads

Hi, it's me, Lauren! That prankvertising sales tactic everyone is so hot on right now has another side to it. It's not just about making a quick buck from a quick…

Lauren Reeves Is Satisfried [Video]

Adweek's Mad Woman says fast food is the very best kind of health food

Hello again! A miracle has happened to fast food. We don't have to worry anymore about what it's doing to our bodies because there are so many super healthy menu options!…

Robert Pattinson Has Become a Man [Video]

Selling perfume he has joined the male elite, says Mad Woman Lauren Reeves

Hello! Lauren again. ... Have you ever wondered what's really going on with all those ads we've been seeing lately? I've been doing some real detective work this week, getting…

Keeping It Clean With the Cleaners [Video]

Adweek's Mad Woman Lauren Reeves takes a look under the sink and finds a world of repressed lusts

Hello, I'm Lauren Reeves and I'm here to break down what advertisements really mean, because if I know anything, I know hidden persuaders. Sometimes you can even smell them. So this…

All Cars Are Women and All Women Are Cars [Video]

Comedian Lauren Reeves gets under the hood of car advertising, and finds a woman's body

In her second Mad Woman video column for Adweek, comedian Lauren Reeves takes a close look at the most powerful engine driving car advertising.  

Agent Provocateur Is Performing a Public Service [Video]

Our new video columnist Lauren Reeves explains the link between X-ray vision and expensive underwear

Hello, I'm Lauren Reeves and I'm here to break down what advertisements really mean, because if I know anything, I know hidden persuaders. It's like that little devil who lives on…