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Counting Down the Top 10 Space-Related Ads

From Cadillac to Red Bull

The use of space imagery in ad campaigns is on the rise. In some ways it’s a blast from the past, recalling the 1960s space race when Tang pitched itself…

You've Never Seen a Food Commercial Quite as Otherworldly as This One

Lurpak butter gets all 2001 on us

"As we stand on the edge of possibility, we choose the path less traveled." Set to to the grandiose tune of Richard Strauss's "Thus Spake Zarathustra," aka the theme from 2001:…

Adweek's Top 10 Commercials of the Week: Feb. 8-15

Long-haired babies and short-haired kitties, tiny beers and giant noses

With the Super Bowl out of the way, advertisers who didn't have almost $4 million to blow can resume their previously scheduled programming. There were a bunch of visually striking spots…

Ad of the Day: Lurpak

W+K churns out another sensory masterpiece in its British butter campaign

The world is going to hell in a hurry. But at least we've got our comfort food, which has sustained us for millennia—all cooked with rich, quality butter. That's the reassurance…

Ad of the Day: Lurpak

Wieden + Kennedy makes vegetables fun with another meticulously crafted visual treat for the butter brand

Vegetables can taste good, too, says dairy brand Lurpak—so long as you drench them in a buttery spread. Wieden + Kennedy in London is doubling down on a bid to create…

I can't believe it's not a boring old butter ad

A guy who looks like everyone's nerdy/psycho co-worker prepares an omelette in this cinematic spot by Wieden + Kennedy London for Lurpak butter. (It's been out for a few weeks.)…